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Healthy habits for the whole family


Exercising and maintaining a healthy diet are a constant reminder in today’s society but for many, family life is hectic and finding the time and motivation to act on making those changes can be tricky. Yet, the truth is, it is easier than you may think to step up your loved ones healthy living game.

We all know a family like it, they spend their evening keeping active together and snacking on finely chopped carrot sticks and celery. So if you also long to rid the sluggishness of your current lifestyle and improve your family’s overall wellbeing then here are a few simple changes you can make.


Make meal prep fun

Encouraging healthy eating habits from a young age is key in extending this attitude into adulthood.

To make healthy food ventures fun, schedule a day in the week when the kids help out preparing family meals. Get kids excited about the prospect of creating something homemade and make it a fun enjoyable activity that the whole family can partake in.

Involving kids more in the food process, including shopping, looking at recipes, choosing ingredients and cooking, will likely make them and you more interested in learning about smart, healthy food choices.


Wind down together at the end of the day

Every family member should be relaxing and reminiscing in their day an hour or two before bedtime. Spending our time together at the end of the day set’s everyone up for a good night’s sleep, resulting in a well-rested and healthy morning.  And if your little ones are early risers then getting those precious hours of shut eye has never been more essential.


Your family schedule should be built around good health

To keep your family on track towards a healthy lifestyle then put the calendar in a place where everyone can see it. Changing a good idea into a good habit is just a matter of making it a routine so get it on the calendar to ensure it becomes a blended part of your everyday life.

Research suggests that the healthiest people more or less have the same routine every day of the week. The routine of a healthy family should include hydration, healthy foods and keeping active on a daily basis.


Communication is key

Discussing what goes on in your day with your loved one is key in achieving positive overall well-being. Whether good or bad, sharing your thoughts with people that care can help relieve stress and anxiety about certain aspects of your life.

Mental health, sleep quality and how we interact with others are all closely linked. This is why if something is troubling a child, their mood and health will alter. However, welcoming them into an environment where they are encouraged to talk about what is going on will promote a healthier outlook on life.


Exercise together 

Healthy families make staying active a lifelong habit.

However, exercise routines can often feel like you’re stuck in a dull cycle so it’s important to mix things up from time to time. Get outdoors and play a family orientated game and ensure you’re spending some quality family time while keeping active.

Or in the winter months why not try some visit a gymnasium or unwind together in with some relaxing yoga.

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