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To blog or not to blog, that is the question

As you’ll have noticed, we’ve a fantastic new website. And we’re very pleased and excited with the results. Don’t worry though; our main priority is still to ‘talk’ to our customers over the phone or face to face.

A lot of websites have ‘blogs’, but what makes this one different? Well, after arranging important financial products for our customers for so many years, we’ve realised we do so much more. We’re on a journey together. We’re there for real life events, such as helping customers deal with a traumatic event, such as a sudden death, or critical illness.

We talk to partners / married couples who are looking to insure that their dependants can be looked after should anything happen to them. We speak to parents and grandparents wanting to guarantee that future generations are provided opportunities and financial stability. We also assist people with the practical and financial side of what can be life changing, distressing, and unimaginable situations.

  • It’s estimated that each day in the UK, over 500 women will become widows.
  • It’s estimated that in the UK each year, 175,000 men become widowers.
  • About 180,000 children under the age of 16 years lose a parent.
  • About 12,000 children a year die in the UK.

This is the reality of what we deal with every day – people’s lives. So, we want to give something more to our customers, to acknowledge that it’s not just about the financial implications, (although they are huge and very important). We want to provide a space for our customers to hear from each other, and access some insight into the emotional aspects of our organisation and industry as a whole.

Sarie Taylor (MBACP) of Healthy Minds, who provides therapeutic services such as counselling and psychotherapy, will be working with us to do just that. With some therapeutic and emotional recognition, awareness and our expert knowledge in the logistics and practicalities of the financial products we offer, we feel we can offer you a more rounded package.

We’d love you to get involved, share your fears and concerns, and tell us your stories. This is your blog. Our first blog will begin with a moving story from a 34 year old parent of two wonderful children, whose father died when she was just 14 on a family holiday.

"Please note that this blog post was provided by Healthy Minds and although based on real people, different names have been used, where requested, by those sharing their stories."

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