5 Best Ways to Stop Smoking

Whether or not you smoke, is one of the most significant factors that affects your life insurance premium. At a time when we are planning our New Year’s resolutions, perhaps it is time to start thinking about kicking the habit and preparing the ways that will make it bearable for you....

Do You Need Income Protection?

Would you be able to survive on your savings if you suddenly could not longer work? For the majority of people, the answer is no. That’s where income protection insurance comes in. According to ABI, one million people in the UK become unable to work due to serious illness or...

Busting Common Life Insurance Myths

It can be tricky to navigate the world of life insurance and it’s common to think you can get away without the protection. However, to help make sense of all the contradicting ideas around, we explore some of the most common life insurance myths and unveil the truth behind them....


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