Cake Bake, Dress Down and Auction

So far this year we have donated £10,000 to the Royal Manchester Childrens Hospital, in order to buy some new equipment for the wards that need it the most.

We are currently still trying to raise £3000 which will be used to buy an ECG monitor and a 3D VPod to help distract and occupy children whilst undergoing treatment and also to ease any discomfort they may feel.

We have set up a just giving page

To help raise the extra money needed we held a Cake Bake day. The staff went home and baked sweet treats to sell around the building. This was very successful and we managed to raise £327.00.

In addition to that we also had a dress down day where each person donated £5.00.

An online auction is also about to take place. (we will keep you posted)

All together we have raised £768.00. Only £2,232 to go!


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