3 reasons why you could be wrong about not needing life insurance

My employer provides insurance/we’ll rely on savings

It’s true that some employers provide a death in service payment for employees and you may well have savings. But if you go through your outgoings, you’ll realise this money may soon be used up with everyday expenses. But if you also have life insurance, to pay off the mortgage for example, then this money should last much longer.

It’s too expensive

If you feel they you afford to pay for the recommended level of cover right now, you can always opt for reduced cover and then request to increase your cover, or take out another plan if you’re eligible, in the future. And if your circumstances change, for example you get a pay rise, you can also request to increase your cover at that point.

It won’t happen to me

Nobody thinks it will happen to them. However, it is possible that you are more likely to get a critical illness than die during the term of your plan, so it might make the most sense for yourself and your family if you made provision for both.

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