Organise Your Life With These 10 Habits

– Write things down
Writing things down can be hugely beneficial in helping you organise your thoughts. It’s not a fluke that people remember all of their important dates. Write down everything: shopping lists, holiday gifts, home decor, meetings and to-do lists.
Writing down your thoughts can also help you declutter and clear your mind if you’re ever feeling stressed or anxious. This can be one of the most effective forms of communication for yourself and can result in a clearer more relaxed frame of mind.
– Create schedules and deadlines
Those that are organised don’t tend to waste much time. They keep major projects in their life scheduled, on track and to set deadlines. Most importantly, they stick to them!  This will allow you to create your own goals, whether that be for the day or for the entire year ahead.
– Give everything a home
A major part being organised is making sure the things that make up and surround your life are in order. Decluttering your home and ensuring your personal belonging and necessities have their own place could help keep your mind focussed.
Make easy-to-access storage spaces for things you use all the time and try to prevent your storage spaces from becoming overcrowded. Be creative about finding places for things
– Don’t procrastinate
Procrastination can get the better of most of us but really it is our subconscious (sometimes conscious) way of avoiding carrying out responsibilities we may wish to avoid.
If you aspire to have a less demanding and stressful daily life then it’s valuable to prioritise and carry out tasks as soon as you can. Doing so will clear your head and keep your to-do list under control.
– Delegate responsibilities
As a test, look at your to-do list and pinpoint a task that you can delegate to someone else. An organised life is not overloaded and responsibilities, meetings, projects and deadlines. Controlling what you know you can manage is important in reducing stress and ensuring you don’t take on more than you have time for.
– Manage your work/life balance
Creating balance in your life is a vital form of organisation. No one wants to be run down with work or feel like they could be putting more into their career. Creating the balance that works for you could make you feel more organised in all aspects of your life.
– Stay away from bargains and over spending
Instead of bargain shopping without planning ahead and buying things you don’t need, make a list of things you do. This can prevent you overspending and cluttering up your home with items you know you won’t like in a month’s time.
You can even try go window shopping without money look at the items you could have bought. You’ll probably find that you have less of a need to find those bargain deals. However, if you do find something you like, wait a while and go back to look to ensure it’s safe to buy.
– Make time for yourself
In today’s society it’s often easy to forget to plan time in your day that is solely for you. Giving yourself that extra me time should be a part of your routine and doing so will allow you to relax your mind and add to that work/ life balance. Relaxation is a forgotten component of being organised.
– Know where to discard items
Do whatever you can to get rid of stuff. Less stuff means less clutter. Donate to thrift stores. Sell on Gumtree or eBay. Take a trip to the recycling centre. Set up a car boot sale. Find a place to get rid of your things.
-Work hard
Maintaining an organised life requires hard work. It’s not easy to lose your old habits and approach new ones. With dedication and a positive outlook, it is possible to stick to this new you and reap the benefits of your organisation.
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