Skiing in Britain? It’s better than you might think

The UK is not typically considered Europe’s top location for hitting the winter slopes, but there are a surprising number of hidden gems that could capture the interest of even the most avid of skiers. From the well hyped slopes of Scotland to the yet to be explored locations in the Pennines, skiing in Britain may come some with promising surprises.

The UK’s most notorious ski resorts are situated in the scenic routes in northern Scotland and among them is the Cairngorm Mountain Resort.  This is one of the most snow sure areas and if you’re lucky with the irrational Scottish weather you can expect stunning views and a smooth skiing experience. There are 35 runs, including three black, and to access them there are 11 lifts to choose from, including Scotland’s only funicular railway.

The Nevis Range
Experiencing the thrill of skiing in the shadow of Britain’s highest peak is a must do for all snow sports enthusiasts. For just £15 you could spend the day indulging in the top amenities whilst taking on the riveting slopes of Aonach Mor.
The resort additionally offers Britain’s only mountain gondola to whisk adventurers to the ski area 650m up. Eleven other lifts are available with runs that range from green to red, as well as a skillful black.

Northern Star
England is often forgotten when it comes to snow sports but there a number of natural slopes to experience during the winter months.
For more of the real deal head to Northern Star, set amid Cumbria’s North Pennines. Although the public facilities are rather limited, jumping at the chance to take a hike on England’s longest drag lift (600m) before gliding down the glorious slopes surely makes it worth missing out on the luxury extras.

Lake District
The Lake District Ski Club Tow is the most alpine ski resort in England. The ski tow itself is located at around 800m and leads onto one of the best summits the UK has to offer. If conditions as good, it is a great day out but taking to the serious slopes is not for a beginner. Descents of up to 500 vertical metres are possible, with icy terrains and sudden drops often being tackled.
And for those whose are prepared to hike, there are some free-ride descents that are not for the fainthearted.

Yad Moss
At the opposite end of the Pennines lies the Yad Moss ski tow. When conditions are good, the locations offers an exceptional experience. It provides vast, mellow pistes with snowfall that lays with perfection. A day at Yad Moss will set you back £20 but be prepared to plan in advance during the peak season as spaces to enjoy the surreal runs can be limited.

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