Top health trends to get you moving this winter

Winter weather can often make the prospect of exercise less than desirable. Although snuggling up in bed to watch your favourite seasonal movie while indulging on only the best treats is more appealing, winter shouldn’t be a time for fitness hibernation.
Instead, why not take it as a chance to up your workout regime by adding new and interesting activities to your day. It may even reignite your love for fitness.
So with winter fatigue round the corner, we’ve brought together a number of health and fitness trends to keep you moving through the colder months.
Meditation apps
Nowadays there’s an app for everything, including meditation. These popular apps guide even beginners to peace and tranquility. With a personal coach at the tap of a button, many are realising the benefits of this growing trend. After all a healthy mind equals a healthy body.
Express workouts 
The though of spending the majority of your winter evening at the gym is not the most appealing but the up and coming trend of express workouts means dedicating just 30 minutes of your day will become the norm. The short yet equally effective workouts apply intense training through repeated short bursts of energy and minimal resting time.
Virtual boxing 
Wave goodbye to the gym based boxercise trend that has been sweeping the fitness world over the past two years. Now you can complete your favourite training programme from the comfort of your own home. The virtual trainers will guide you through the intense 30 minute sessions to improve your strength, speed and stamina.
Floating yoga 
The ancient practice of yoga is widely known for improving strength, stability and flexibility while creating full body relaxation. However, the new modern twist of floating yoga involves preforming beginner or expert poses on a floating board. This method further increases the intensity of your class and immensely improves core strength.

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