What is Critical Illness Cover and Why You Might Need It

What is Critical Illness Cover? Critical Illness Cover is additional protection that can be added to life insurance policies. It offers a payout should you be diagnosed with a number of specified conditions. It is designed to ensure that the policyholder can continue to cover their expenses should they be...

Money Saving Tips To Get You Through University

We all know that education is the main point of university but the learning doesn’t stop when you leave the lecture hall. For many, moving to university is your first taste of the real world, and with that independence comes financial responsibility. It doesn’t have to be scary though. Here...

What Factors Affect a Life Insurance Quote?

Life Insurance is an incredibly personal product and is specifically tailored to each individual customer. Because of this, price can vary greatly between customers so it’s important to know what factors affect a life insurance quote, and if there is anything you could be doing to get a better deal....


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