How many parents are without life insurance?

The results of Legal & General's poll made for interesting reading. Around 80% of parents they asked believe planning for the future is important, and many agree a life insurance policy could help protect their family.  So, why are there so many people without cover? Our poll unearthed three significant answers to...

Life insurance when pregnant

It’s only natural to start thinking about the best ways to secure your children’s future when you become pregnant, and that’s why you may be starting to consider life insurance at this time. Bringing up children is not cheap, and parents want to know that there will be financial help available for...

How to Find Lost Life Insurance

If someone close to you has passed away, finding the life insurance policy of the deceased is understandably not going to be the first thing on your mind. But with anywhere between £100 million[1] and £2 billion[2] in unclaimed life insurance policies lying dormant, it’s crucial that you know where to locate...


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