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Critical Illness

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that good physical health directly affects good financial health. Unfortunately, critical illness can, and does, strike at any time, with a devastating impact. It can often be difficult for you to appreciate just how far-reaching the consequences of serious illness are.

If someone is forced to stay off work for an extended period of time - or even worse, actually pass away - families, relatives and dependents can be left in dire financial straits. That’s where we come in. At Top Quote, we help arrange policies to provide financial support in the event of heart attacks, cancer and a whole range of specified disabilities and critical illnesses, giving you, and your loved ones, complete peace of mind.

What are the different options?

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    Level Term Critical Illness Cover - The amount you are insured for remains the same throughout the term of the policy, unless you choose Indexation or exercise your guaranteed insurability option.

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    Decreasing Term Critical Illness Cover - The amount decreases over the term of the policy.

What are the benefits of Critical Illness Cover?

If the worst happens, and you find you have one of the illnesses or disabilities listed on the policy during the period of cover, you will receive a lump sum to support you and your family.

What critical illnesses and disabilities are covered?

*Resulting in permanent symptoms
Terms and conditions apply

Additional cover

There is also additional cover for ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast and low grade prostate cancer definitions. This means that if you meet the insurer’s definition for ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast or low grade prostate cancer, they will pay out 25 percent of the amount of cover up to a maximum of £25,000. This benefit does not affect the amount of cover or the premiums you pay.

Family Accommodation Benefit

For every night a child spends in hospital, in the three months immediately following a diagnosis of one of the insurers critical illnesses, they will pay £100 a night, up to a maximum of £1,000.

Children’s cover

If you have a critical illness cover policy and your child is diagnosed with a specified condition and is eligible to claim, an amount of cover is paid. The amount of cover is always limited to a proportion of the original amount of cover selected. Additionally, the policy will not end, meaning the cover for the main policyholder continues unaffected.

Would I need a second opinion?

A medical specialist who is a Consultant at a UK hospital must verify all critical illnesses and disabilities identified. Their specialism must be appropriate to the cause of the claim. The Chief Medical Officer of the policy provider must also accept them.

How long does it last for?

A plan can last from a minimum of 5 years to a maximum of 40 years. However the plan must end before the age of 70.

How much does it cost?

There are a number of different price plans available to suit all budgets. However, the higher the monthly premium, the more the lump sum will enable you to provide financial support for your family.

How much does it cost?

Is anyone else covered?

Your children will be covered at no extra cost for the critical illnesses and disabilities listed on your policy, with the sole exception of Total and Permanent Disability or any congenital, familial and pre-existing conditions. Cover is subject to terms and conditions, but we’ll be happy to talk you through all the complexities to make sure the policy is exactly the right one.

Is anyone else covered?

What else do I need to be aware of?

Before a sum can be paid out, the eligibility of a claim needs to be checked. For example, if you stop paying the premiums or fail to reveal an existing medical condition – the policy may not pay out. We can help guide you through the questions so there are no mistakes.

Ongoing advances in medicine and technology mean that traditional views of critical illnesses are changing. So, for example, not all types of cancer are covered, because not all types of cancer have a severe impact on lifestyle, if discovered early enough. Just ask us for more information.

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