Home Insurance

Home and contents insurance protects the place you love best and your personal possessions against damage or loss. You can sleep easier knowing that should the worst happen, you’re covered for major risks like fire, flood and theft.

We can guide you through the process, letting you choose policies to match your individual needs, budget and circumstances.

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I own a building and want to insure against structural damages.

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I want to insure the belongings I have in my home.

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Buildings & Contents insurance

If your property is damaged or made uninhabitable by an insured event such as a fire, storm, flood, subsidence or burglary, the cost of repair is covered to return the property to its normal condition.

Moreover, the cost of replacing all of the contents within your home would also be covered. Where possible, damaged household goods and/or personal effects will be replaced as new if it’s not possible for them to be repaired.

What's included?

Optional extras

What's Covered?

Fire, smoke or explosion
Impact or collision
Escape of water or oil
Riots, civil commotion, labour & political disturbances or strikes
Storm or flood
Theft or attempted theft
Malicious damage or vandalism
Subsidence or heave
Lightning or earthquake

Still Struggling?

Our explanation video may help you better understand how we can help.

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